AMBUSH: Man Grabs His Shotgun, Crouches in Wait as AK-47 Thug Breaks in… BOOM

Man Grabs His Shotgun Crouches in Wait as AK-47 Thug Breaks in

If there’s any state where being a home invader is a career choice with a projected lifespan on par with a car starter for the Gambino family, that state would be Texas.

Not only do residents of the Lone Star State believe in their Second Amendment rights, they use them to their fullest extent to legally protect their life, liberty, and property. Messing with Texas is a life-threatening mistake, and a group of invaders found that out the hard way.

According to KTVT-TV, several would-be home invaders in Dallas were lucky to escape with their lives after homeowner Terry Morgan fought them off with a shotgun. Even more impressive: The invaders had an AK-47.

Morgan told the station the situation started about 5 a.m. Saturday, when he heard a knock at his front door. He looked at his surveillance camera and saw a woman he didn’t recognize. Ominously, right behind her was a man with what looked like an AK-47.

A second man arrived, and Morgan looked on as he proceeded to “struggle with a crow bar” to open the door. That’s when he got his trusty shotgun and crouched in his living room.

“I know that if they get in this house, I might not live to see that sun that’s coming up in a few hours,” Morgan said. “So immediately, I thought about survival.”

“I just wanted to make sure that when he got the door in, that I got the first shot off,” he added.

You can see local coverage of the incident here:

That’s when they noticed the security camera. Moving around to a window, they apparently realized that Morgan was home. That’s when they opened fire inside the house.

“They’re coming like that cause they don’t care,” Morgan said. “So we have to stay ready as well.”

And ready he was — Morgan waited for the right moment, then busted open the door and began firing off his shotgun. At that point, the home invaders managed to jump into a getaway care and fled. Apparently, no one was hit in the exchange of gunfire.

Morgan isn’t too worried about retaliation, though, since their video is being shown all over not only Dallas but the nation.

“They are being hunted down like fugitives,” he told KTVT.

Morgan calmly added that he was prepared for the moment.

“I’m always prepared in the back of my mind that I may have to do something like that,” Morgan said, before joking, “And I watch a lot of war movies.”

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