Allen West Reveals How Obama’s Pentagon Just Destroyed Recruiting Efforts for Decades


Earlier this week, it was announced that President Barack Obama’s out-of-control Pentagon had begun demanding that former California National Guard soldiers repay their enlistment bonuses because of errors in accounting made by the Guard itself.

In response to this outrageous news, Col. Allen West published a lengthy column wherein he asked a bombshell follow-up question: “Who in God’s name would want to serve in uniform for our country at this time?

The premise behind that question was that the entire military-industrial complex has essentially sold out its soldiers, thus robbing Americans of any incentive whatsoever to enlist and fight on behalf of their nation.

Why, West wondered, would any sane citizen risk his or her life to serve in a military system so backward that it would make its veterans pay back bonuses that they received due to a failure of leadership and accountability?

What made this move by the Pentagon even more unsettling was how much money it had frivolously wasted on other things that the colonel believed did not deserve to be funded.

“Here we have a Pentagon stating it will pay for sex change surgery for those who are suffering from gender dysphoria,” he wrote. “I just want to know, how much money did the Department of Defense pay for those ‘transgender handbooks‘ and training materials?”

He asked a similar question regarding all the taxpayer funds wasted on providing welfare to illegal immigrants, on operating sanctuary cities and on importing “tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the country, with benefits.”

“Why not cut that off and provide the funding for these men and women who’ve served?” West wrote. “This has been 10 years past and now we’re punishing those who’ve gone on with their lives?”

“They did nothing wrong, they didn’t seek to defraud our nation — heck, they put their lives on the line to backfill the manpower shortages made by politicians and government bureaucrats,” he continued. “Is this truly how we honor those who have served?”

No, it is not. Or rather, it should not be, though clearly Obama disagrees. The Pentagon on Wednesday announced that it was “suspending” its collection efforts against these soldiers, but that suspension was to be only temporary while they worked out some kinks in the collections process.

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