ALERT: Woman Glances at Her Receipt After Eating Out, Notices Something Disturbing

Woman Glances at Her Receipt After Eating Out Notices Something Disturbing

A Virginia woman is grateful she checked her bank account often after she noticed something disturbing about a transaction at a local restaurant.

According to WSLS-TV, Whitney Anderson and her family ate at an Abuelo’s restaurant in Roanoke back in October of 2015 and had a final bill of $55.50. The next day, the bank account showed a withdrawal of $65.50.

“It was $45.50 and I tipped $10 even, made it $55.50, ” said Whitney Anderson.

Anderson, a mother of three, went back to the restaurant to find out what had happened by examining the restaurant’s copy of the receipt.

“I was like, before you give me that, is that the merchant copy or customer copy?” Anderson said. “He looked at it, opened it and was like, ‘It’s the customer copy.’”

When Anderson examined the receipt, she noticed that her signature had been forged and the tip amount had been raised to $20 instead of $10.

“It was almost a 25 percent tip and then they go behind you and fraudulently sign a name to a credit card receipt,” Anderson, who used to be a waitress, explained. “I don’t feel that’s any different than someone taking your debit card.”

Initially, the restaurant said it would be in touch with Anderson in 10 business days, but after she posted a description of the events on Facebook, the restaurant immediately reached out to her, saying it would be happy to refund her the entire price of the meal.

Nothing like a little bad publicity to make a business do the right thing.

In a public statement Jason Mcknight, Abuelo’s general manager, said the restaurant is “taking this complaint seriously and are investigating the details.”

This should be a lesson to everyone that it pays to check your bank account regularly. There are so many ways dishonest people can steal money from you, it’s important to keep track of everything you have. While this case might have happened a year and a half ago, the lesson still holds true.

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