ALERT: Woman Follows Doctors’ Advice on Losing Weight, Ends up Looking Like This


It is very common for doctors to tell their overweight patients that losing a few pounds can do wonders for their health, and we generally believe that to be true.

Clare Reece, a 37-year-old resident of Essex, England, however, has claimed that losing weight caused her to develop nasty red rashes all over her body — rashes which were later diagnosed as psoriasis, the U.K. Express reported.

She had thought that losing weight would make her feel better about herself, but she soon realized that what had replaced her obesity was much worse.

“I know this from first-hand experience. Although being obese was truly awful, I actually felt less anxious about my body when I was a size 22 than I did a slim size 12 covered in psoriasis,” she stated.

Psoriasis is characterized by red flaky patches that break out all over a person’s skin. Imagine the worst case of acne you’ve ever had, then multiple that by about 50. That’s a rough idea of what someone with a serious case of psoriasis can look like.

Reece isn’t 100 percent certain that the weight loss was what triggered the psoriasis outbreak, but the timing of it seemed to suggest that it was at least a factor.

The U.K. Daily Star noted that the mother of two did eventually use a line of skincare products, called Oregon Skincare, that greatly reduced the number of red patches all over her body.

It remained unclear how much of an effect losing weight had on this woman’s psoriasis. Information from the National Psoriasis Foundation’s webpage said that losing weight can actually help reduce psoriasis outbreaks.

However, Reece lost nearly 100 pounds from a maximum weight of about 250, so her case was a bit extreme.

The website cited a study that found that “diet and exercise can reduce psoriasis severity beyond the effects of treatment alone,” so it is unclear whether this woman’s weight loss triggered her outbreak or if she was simply a rare exception to that rule.

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