ALERT: UN Official Issues Chilling Declaration About Religious Freedom… They’re Targeting US

UN Official Issues Chilling Declaration About Religious Freedom Theyre Targeting US

Religious freedom may be getting a major overhaul in terms of its application by the United Nations. It seems that something else may be taking priority over this inalienable right. This is not good for Christians.

U.N. official reportedly has declared that when there is a conflict between the rights of homosexuals and religious freedom, the rights of religious expression and freedom should be limited “if necessary,” C-Fam reported.

Vitit Muntarbhorn of Thailand, the U.N.’s newly-appointed “independent expert” on the defense of LGBT rights, said that negative moral judgments on homosexual relationships stemmed from “colonial law.” He claimed in a Jan. 25 conference that “(m)ore recently, in colonial law, or remnants of colonial law, gays were criminalized, are criminalized, even though beforehand they were not criminalized.”

“There are some absolute rights,” he said in apparent reference to the rights of LGBT individuals, “but there are some that are not absolute.” He later clarified that “freedom of expression and expression of religion” are not absolute rights and that they can be limited if necessary.

Muntarbhorn’s agenda has encountered considerable opposition within the U.N., as more than 40 member nations, mostly within Africa, treat homosexual activity as a criminal offense. Some such nations are predominantly Christian, others predominantly Muslim, Breitbart reported.

The scariest part of this whole announcement was the notion that children can be “born and bred from a young age” with the liberal attitudes toward sexual orientation and identity. This would mean that children would be brought up to accept and embrace this type of lifestyle. The apparent implication of Muntarbhorn’s viewpoint is that such considerations could override religious freedom that allows for parents to teach their children a certain set of moral standards.

This is absolutely frightening. The liberals are taking the homosexual agenda way too far. Religious freedom should not be limited by someone else’s lifestyle choices, but we are seeing this over and over again, and it seems Christians are the only ones losing out.

Might the U.N. be taking aim at Muslim mistreatment of homosexuals? That’s plausible. But we’ve seen that liberals in the U.S. aren’t very interested in facing the conflict between two of their favorite groups, Muslims and homosexuals.

The conflict between Christianity and homosexuality is something else again.

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