ALERT: Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch Is HUGE Defender of 2nd Amendment

Trumps SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch Is HUGE Defender of 2nd Amendment

Carrying a weapon is a personal decision. The right to carry one is a fundamental component of liberty, protected by the United States Constitution.

President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States agrees, and he is committed to protecting your right to bear arms, according to Breitbart.

10th Circuit Court of Appeals judge Neil Gorsuch‘s own website reiterated his statement that there is “a long tradition of widespread gun ownership by private individuals in this country.”

Gorsuch has had a long record of protecting the Constitution and was a natural choice to succeed the late Antonin Scalia. Attorney Eric Citron profiled Gorsuch for the SCOTUS blog in glowing terms.

“For one thing, the great compliment that Gorsuch’s legal writing is in a class with Scalia’s is deserved: Gorsuch’s opinions are exceptionally clear and routinely entertaining; he is an unusual pleasure to read, and it is always plain exactly what he thinks and why.”

“Like Scalia, Gorsuch also seems to have a set of judicial/ideological commitments apart from his personal policy preferences that drive his decision-making. He is an ardent textualist (like Scalia); he believes criminal laws should be clear and interpreted in favor of defendants even if that hurts government prosecutions (like Scalia); he is skeptical of efforts to purge religious expression from public spaces (like Scalia); he is highly dubious of legislative history (like Scalia); and he is less than enamored of the dormant commerce clause (like Scalia).”

Why are the comparisons to Antonin Scalia important? During the second presidential debate on Oct. 10, 2016, Trump said that he was “looking to appoint judges very much in the mold of Justice Scalia,” according to The New York Times.

As Trump has been making crystal clear, he is intent on keeping his campaign promises.

Gorsuch is clear, balanced, articulate and a strong Constitutionalist as well as textualist. He’ll be a terrific addition to the Supreme Court.

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