ALERT: Police Wander into Migrant-Dominated Neighborhood, Then the Trap Springs

Police Wander into Migrant-Dominated Neighborhood Then the Trap Springs

Police attempting a routine check on a local resident Friday evening in the Swedish capital of Stockholm were reportedly attacked by a mob of 20 to 30 migrants.

“The fight started when police conducted the check, and all at once a group of people ran out from a place nearby, maybe a restaurant or whatever it was,” Stockholm police spokeswoman Eva Nilsson told the Expressen newspaper, according to a translation by Breitbart.

“Exactly how many people were involved is difficult to say, but the officers who were attacked felt that it was between 20 and 30,” she added.

The officers were reportedly kicked, punched and even pelted with bottles and glass. Three officers were later sent to a hospital for their injuries, while only three of the perpetrators were arrested on charges of rioting, assaulting police and violently resisting arrest.

According to the U.K. Express, the suburb the officers tried to enter, Rinkeby, is essentially a “no-go zone” where the presence of non-migrants is not appreciated.

Also known as “Little Mogadishu,” this part of Stockholm is known for its aggressive migrant residents, who last year reportedly attacked an Australian “60 Minutes” crew as it tried to interview local residents.

Watch (the attack comes near the 5:15 mark):

“Unfortunately this is the reality,” police spokeswoman Nilsson told the Expressen, citing the often-violent behavior of the suburb’s denizens.

This appalling behavior goes way beyond just the Rinkeby neighborhood. In a seething post recently published to Facebook, Swedish police investigator Peter Springare complained that the majority of the crimes he investigates are committed by migrants, according to The Local.

“Suspected perpetrators: Ali Mohamad, Mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed, Ali, again, again, again, Christoffer … what, is it true?” he wrote. “Yes, a Swedish name sneaked its way in on the fringes of a drug-related crime, Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again.

“Countries which represent all of the week’s crimes: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown country, unknown country, Sweden,” he added.

Sweden is in the midst of a major crime epidemic, and numerous reports and testimonies have confirmed that this is being driven mostly by migrants. Because of the absurd political correctness practiced by the nation’s political leaders, however, nothing is being done about it.

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