ALERT: Obama Admin Makes Last Minute Ruling… English-Only OUTLAWED


This is a great game. Trust me, you’ll love it.

On his final few weeks in office, with the last strokes of his powerful pen, what great things could President Barack Obama accomplish? A properly run health care system? Campaign reform? Decent treatment of veterans?

Best guess wins.

Surprise! None of the above! In a document released on Dec. 1 by Judicial Watch, it was revealed that Obama signed into effect an Economic Opportunities Commission ruling prohibiting private companies from requiring their own employees to speak English.

But wait — there’s more! Obama’s ruling also says that employers CAN require employees to speak a foreign language. So, it’s OK to require employees to speak a foreign language, but not OK to require them to speak English.

Doesn’t this all just hurt your head?

The EOC was apparently pretty proud of its record enforcing Obama’s leftist policies. Their website bragged that in 2015 it had successfully sued private employers for $525 million.

Its 2014 suit against Wisconsin Plastics, for firing a group of Hispanic and Asian employees who could not speak English well enough to do their jobs, laid the groundwork for Obama’s newest train wreck.

Also in 2014, a 17-year-old girl won a U.S. Supreme Court case for being denied a job due to wearing a hijab in violation of Abercrombie and Fitch’s headwear policy, The New York Times reported. The twist? She didn’t tell them it was for religious reasons, so they had no way of knowing they were discriminating.

The Los Angeles Times reported in 2014 on a group of Filipino nurses who claimed they were mocked for their accents and ordered to speak English only.  They won a nearly $1 million settlement against a Delano Regional Medical Center in Central California. Seriously.

We’ve become a nation of professional victims.

Forget the game. We all lost. Let’s play again when president-elect Donald Trump takes office.

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