ALERT: Facebook “Fact-Checking” Partner Once Forced to Admit “Lie of the Year” Was Actually Truth


Facebook has now bowed to all of the hyperventilating over “fake news” by the liberal media by announcing that it will soon begin fact-checking content and will suppress posts ultimately deemed to be “hoaxes” or “fake.”

According to Business Insider, the social media giant will farm out the fact-checking responsibility to a handful of organizations that purport to keep the media honest, including “Snopes,, ABC News, and PolitiFact.” The Associated Press will also join in on the fact-checking “partnership.”

While all of those organizations lean at least a little bit to the left, Politifact in particular has become rather notorious for its decidedly liberal bias.

A piece by The Weekly Standard went in depth to provide ample evidence of Politifact’s liberal bias, such as repeatedly covering for President Barack Obama and other Democrats’ numerous lies regarding Obamacare and other issues while slamming Mitt Romney and other Republicans for statements that turned out to be truthful.

In fact, Politifact has been called out for its bias twice by university studies, once in 2011 and again in 2013.

The University of Minnesota’s “Smart Politics” combed through more than 500 Politifact stories over the course of a year and discovered that Republican statements were deemed “false” at more than three times the rate as statements from Democrats.

“In total, 74 of the 98 statements by political figures judged ‘false’ or ‘pants on fire’ over the last 13 months were given to Republicans, or 76 percent, compared to just 22 statements for Democrats (22 percent),” the UM study revealed.

Overall, “Republican statements were graded in the dreaded ‘false’ and ‘pants on fire’ categories 39 percent of the time, compared to just 12 percent for statements made by Democrats,” the study added.

This conclusion was supported by a study conducted by George Mason University’s Center for Media and Public Affairs, which looked at 100 Politifact statements over the first half of 2013 and discovered Republicans were rated “false” 52 percent of the time while Democrats received the same rating only 24 percent of the time, as reported by Politico.

But Bill Adair, former head of Politifact, has dismissed these studies and allegations that his organization is biased by remarking that he can’t be biased since he has received complaints from all sides of the political spectrum.

Seriously. That’s his argument.

That excuse doesn’t hold up under scrutiny, as their bias is so blatant that even a similar statement made by both a Republican and a Democrat can be rated differently, such as this comparison in the ratings of a remark made by both former congressmen Ron Paul and Jim Webb regarding the origin of the federal income tax.

In truth, Facebook probably shouldn’t be concerning itself with fact-checking but should leave it up to the people to determine the veracity of what they see and read on their own.

That said, since they have already embarked down the road of censorship, they may not want to use blatantly biased organizations to decide what is true or not, but instead rely upon truly non-partisan groups without a dog in the hunt.

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