ALERT: Christian Governor Charged With Blasphemy for “Islam Insult”


Barmy liberals who claim that America is transforming into a theocracy really need to wake up and take a close look at Indonesia, where the Christian governor of the nation’s capital city has been named a suspect and barred from traveling — all because he dared to cite a verse from the Quran.

While campaigning two months ago, Gov. Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja of Jakarta — capital of the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation — cited a verse from the Quran, claiming that his opposition had been using it “to deceive voters and justify the assertion that Muslims should not be led by non-Muslims,” according to the U.K.Guardian.

This led to massive backlash, and though Tjahaja later apologized, the authorities in Indonesia apparently did not care. Even worse, it was expected that he would ultimately be found guilty.

“I have studied more than 200 blasphemy cases in Indonesia since it (the blasphemy law) was written by President Sukarno in 1965,” remarked Andreas Harsono from Human Rights Watch. “Over this 50-year period I think there was only one case where the suspect was acquitted.”

“I don’t think Ahok can survive this prosecution; he is very likely to end up in jail,” he added.

This, dear liberals, is what a real theocracy looks like, and it is brutal for all non-believers, including atheists such as Alexander Aan, who was sentenced to two and a half years in prison, four years ago, merely for having declared on his Facebook page that he was an atheist.

But what else could possibly be expected in a country where 90 percent of the population subscribed to Islam, a fairly rigid religion known for its intolerance toward all opposing ideologies?

Here’s the truth: Allowing Christian bakers to refuse to bake homosexual weddings cakes adorned with pictures of genitalia is and has never been a form of religious fundamentalism. It is religious liberty, plain and simple.

But punishing Christians for merely speaking truths and/or criticism about the Islamic religion — this is religious fundamentalism to the very core, and sadly for the Christians in Indonesia, it is just a normal part of everyday life there.

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