Afghan Teens Gang Rape Young Boy at Knifepoint, Court Refuses to Deport Them


Five Afghan refugees convicted of raping an underage boy and filming the ordeal on their phones were spared by the liberalism of the country in which they live.

A Swedish judge refused to deport Afghans because their homeland is too dangerous, Breitbart reported.

“Given their age and the security situation in Afghanistan, they would be hit very hard by the expulsion,” the judge ruled, according to Swedish news outlet The Local.

The five teens, aged 16 and 17, raped the victim, who was believed to be under the age of 15, in Uppsala county in Sweden. They beat the boy and drug him by knife point into the forest before they raped him for over an hour.

Four of the teenagers received a 15-month sentence while the fifth was given 13 months, Breitbart reported.

In addition to refusing the prosecutor’s demand for deportation, the court also refused to sentence the rapists for a more serious charge of child rape, claiming that there was no evidence that the attackers knew the victim was so young.

Despite the fact that the Swedish Migration Agency told the judge the oldest of the attackers was an adult, the judge believed the attacker’s claim that he was 17, which meant he couldn’t serve an adult sentence — a sentence that could have been up to three times as long.

It boggles the mind to think what kind of skewed logic some liberals must live by to make such ludicrous decisions.

Innocent people have suffered because liberal lawmakers and leaders feel compelled to welcome refugees, some of whom have proven to be little more than animals, with open arms. Some of these refugees do not assimilate because they don’t want to, and they end up leaving a path of victims in their wake because they know they won’t be punished.

It may be too late for Sweden, but we cannot let this kind of lunacy invade our country, too.

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H/T U.K. Daily Mail