Ads Go Up Nationwide Offering $2500 to Protest Trump

Ads Go Up Nationwide Offering $2500 to Protest Trump

A bizarre case involving an alleged liberal who claims he pays protesters millions of dollars a year was unraveled as a hoax by Fox News host Tucker Carlson on air Tuesday after the man who claimed to be its director was brought on to defend ads he put in numerous papers from coast to coast offering to pay individuals $2,500 to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The Washington Times reported that the ads ran on website Claiming to be from a group called “Demand Protest,” it offered individuals an exorbitant amount of money to protest the inaugural festivities.

The story was already a strange one, and it became more bizarre from there. A man claiming to be “Dom Tullipso” showed up at Fox News‘ Los Angeles news bureau claiming to be the individual behind Demand Protest.

He didn’t have any identification to identify him as Dom Tullipso, but the people at Fox News were apparently convinced that he was the brains behind the “group” (and, as of Wednesday morning, no other individuals have come forward to claim association with the alleged organization).

That peculiar backstory had nothing on Mr. “Tullipso”‘s semi-coherent appearance on Carlson’s show, in which he managed to make Tom Green look like William F. Buckley, Jr.

“It’s pretty darn easy these days to just say whatever the heck you want on national TV and have it pass off as truth,” he told Carlson. “I don’t know, it’s pretty incredible to me how easy it was to get the coverage we got.”

“By the way, I’m not saying that anything of this a hoax and any of this isn’t true,” he added. Right.

Unfortunately, the Tucker test determined that that was a lie.

“Well, I’m vetting you right now, and I’m saying you are not legitimate, you are lying. You have fooled other news organizations, you have not fooled us,” Carlson said.

“This is a sham, your company isn’t real, your website is fake,” Carlson added, “This is a hoax. (Tullipso) is not your real name; we ran you through law enforcement-level background checks.”

“Tullipso” held to his guns, saying that he was head of an organization that paid $54 million in retainers to 1,800 operatives across the country. Alrighty then.

Take a look at the festivities:

There’s not a whole lot one can glean about our friend’s motivations from this interview, other than a) his name is not Dom Tullipso; b) he does not run an organization that can give $2,500 to individual protesters; c) he does not likely have $2,500 in his checking account; and d) his first language seems to be Martian.

If this cretin’s aim was to insert fake news to discredit conservatives and conservative websites, it’s worth pointing out that it didn’t work. Even Alex Jones’ Infowars — not known for its, um, rigorous gauntlet of studious fact-checking — mentioned that “It’s unclear if the website is actually legitimate.”

To paraphrase Kevin McAllister’s mom from “Home Alone,” if Uncle Alex won’t let you run it without a disclaimer… it must be really bad.

So after hours and hours of coverage across the media, this story was debunked by whom? Fox News! Liberals’ favorite target for accusations of fake news, unapologetic bias, and information manipulation. Yet again reality and facts contradict the left’s tired talking points.

Tullipso had his own explanation for his actions: “The main point basically is that we are greatly, greatly supportive of national treasures such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Peyton Manning,” he said. “We really support their efforts to really get the truth out there.”

What an amateur-level troll. We all know Rob Gronkowski is the real national treasure.

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