While Admiring Tree, Woman Suddenly Sees Deadly Snake Lurking in Branches


This time of year, it’s relaxing to sit back and see what’s on our Christmas trees. Twinkling lights. Ornaments that remind us of Christmases past. Ribbon. Three-feet-long venomous snakes.

What? You don’t usually encounter the last one? Well, you’re clearly not Cheryl from Frankston, Victoria, Australia. She found something that definitely wasn’t a garland in her Christmas tree: a tiger snake, one of the most venomous creatures on earth.

While tiger snakes are generally shy, according to CNN, they can bite if provoked. That’s why Barry Goldsmith, a professional snake catcher, was called in to do the honors.

“They’re probably in the top 10 most toxic animals on the planet. But they’re not dangerous unless you poke it with a stick or grab it by the tail or try to kill it,” Goldsmith told Mashable.

“Cheryl from Frankston got an early Christmas surprise this morning when she found a new decoration had been added to her tree,” he wrote. “She didn’t panic, she just took a photo and sent it to the snake catcher, me, and 20 minutes later I had the little bugger in a bag.”

“Ho Ho Ho,” Goldsmith added. “Have a happy and safe holiday season and be nice to snakes.”

Goldsmith posted about it on his Facebook page, complete with pictures:

While Goldsmith said this was the first time he’s encountered a snake in a Christmas tree, he says that they can show up anywhere.

“Snakes show up in many strange places, like bird cages, bookcases, in boots and in toilets,” Goldsmith told The Huffington Post. He added that it was “just another day in the office for me.”

Yeah, because I love spending a day in the office with highly venomous snakes whose venom is up there with cobras and vipers. Only in Australia, I suppose.

One thing’s for sure, though: It certainly makes Clark Griswold’s squirrel look like a walk in the park.

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