AC-130 Decimates Islamic State Weapons Depot


Since the Christmas holiday isn’t exactly near the top of the list of sacred days celebrated by the Islamic State group, it has fallen to the U.S.-led coalition forces battling them to conduct their own celebrations for the special day.

According to the U.K. Express, this celebration came in the form of a sort of fireworks display put on by an AC-130 gunship flying over Mosul, Iraq, as part of the now months-long coalition effort to retake the second largest city in the country from the barbaric Islamist jihadists.

A video provided by the Combined Joint Task Force — Operation Inherent Resolve, dated Dec. 23, showed the gun camera footage as the massive, heavily armed plane made a pass over an Islamic State group-held compound of buildings believed to be hiding a weapons cache and other vital military equipment.

Though it remained unclear whether the AC-130 used its 25 mm Gatling gun, its 40 mm cannons or its 105 mm howitzer to pulverize the buildings, the result was nevertheless explosively dramatic, and it can be seen right here:

According to Business Insider, the airstrike came as coalition forces were taking a short “operational refit” to pause, regroup and refresh the ground troops engaged in retaking the city of Mosul.

The brutal campaign against Mosul was restarted in earnest on Dec. 29 as a major push was made to further encircle the city and cut off the resupply and escape routes utilized by the jihadist occupiers.

Thus far, only about a quarter of the city has been reclaimed by coalition forces, or about 60 percent of the eastern half of the city that is split in two by the mighty Tigris River.

Hopefully these sorts of deadly and effective airstrikes will continue, with minimal civilian casualties, as pushing the Islamic State group out of Mosul is imperative if the militant Islamist group is ever to be defeated.

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