ABC Caught Airing “Fake News Quote” on Trump Admin… Humiliated in Front of Millions

ABC Caught Airing Fake News Quote on Trump Admin Humiliated in Front of Millions

Ever since President Donald Trump was elected to office in November, numerous formerly reputable news outlets have been exposed as purveyors of fake news.

As of this week, these outlets included even ABC News, which reportedly shortened a statement made on the air by former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, removing praise for current press secretary Sean Spicer, The Hill reported.

“(Spicer’s Saturday) briefing made me uncomfortable,” Fleischer said. “It was too truculent, too tough. It looks as if the ball was dropped on Saturday.”

But that was not his full statement, as he himself later complained on Twitter:

“It looks to me if the ball was dropped on Saturday, Sean recovered it and ran for a first down,” he had actually said.

Whoops. Once Fleischer’s correction went viral, ABC News issued an apology.

“‘Nightline’ aired a segment Monday night about the first three days of the new administration, including Sean Spicer’s statement to the press on Saturday,” the network explained. “As part of the report, we interviewed former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer. In editing the piece for air, his quote was shortened and as a result his opinions mis-characterized. We are fixing the piece online to include his full quote and context. We apologize and regret the error.”

But by then the damage had already been done.

“If this is how the press reports, Trump is right to go after them,” Fleischer added on Twitter. “When the press distorts someone’s quote and twists their words, we all have a problem.”

He has since thanked ABC News for issuing the apology and correcting the quote. Kudos to him for being understanding, since we all make mistakes. Plus, unlike CNN and BuzzFeed, ABC News does not have a track record of such errors, meaning the network deserves a break.

As for those liberal media networks that continue to mis-characterize the words and actions of Trump and his administration, they’d better watch out, because the American people have run out of patience with their lies.

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