9-Year-Old Gets To See Military Father Just In Time For Christmas


A 9-year-old boy received the most amazing Christmas present shipped to him from overseas, and it was everything that he asked for. This little boy must have been on Santa’s nice list.

Tyler Tow, a Southgate, Kentucky resident, told his mother, Cara Lalley, that he would give up all of his presents if he could just be with his father for Christmas. Tyler’s father, Sgt. Troy Tow, has spent the last seven years serving in the military.

“For a 9-year-old to come up to me and say, ‘Mom … I would give anything. I don’t want anything for Christmas … I would give it all up if Dad could just come home,’” Lalley told WCPO, clearly proud of her son.

Southgate Elementary School participated in the surprise, purportedly drawing Tyler’s name as the winner of their Christmas Musical raffle. When he was instructed to turn around to see his prize, he saw his father standing there.

Tyler was in so much shock that it took him a minute to understand what was happening. Then he leaped into his father’s arms. The duo hadn’t seen each other for five months.

“It was one of those feeling you can’t get all the time,” Sgt. Tow said to local reporters. “It was like my heart was at my feet.”

Tyler wasn’t the only one happy, as Lalley was clearly over the moon to see the smile on her son’s face. “Ty’s the man of the house when Dad’s away, and that’s a lot to put on a 9-year-old’s shoulders,” she said.

You can watch the reunion here:

Tyler knows and appreciates what his father is doing for America, saying, “He goes out and defends our country and risks his life.”

However, is father commented that the job is the easy part.

“Being away from family is the hard part,” Sgt. Tow stated.

Sgt. Tow ships back out to Kuwait in January.

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