81-Year-Old Woman Loads Groceries in Car at Walmart. But When She Starts Screaming, He Does THIS

81-Year-Old Woman Loads Groceries in Car at Walmart But When She Starts Screaming He Does THIS

What would you do if you saw a robbery take place right in front of you? Would you jump right in?

If you’re the kind of person who couldn’t just stand by and watch, you’d probably find some way to get involved. You might even start chasing the robber down.

When Michael (who asked not to have his full name used) heard a lady yelling, he had to help. “I don’t know what possessed me, and I just took off running,” Michael recalled.

Michael had just gotten off the phone with his own 81-year-old mother when he overheard the yelling. Peggy, the elderly woman who was being attacked, said “As I got the trunk opened, I reached back to get my groceries. And that’s when the man appeared right there, grabbed my purse and ran across the parking lot.”

She continued with, “I was hollering real loud, as loud as I could. I said, ‘That man has got my purse!’ And I kept repeating that.”

Peggy walks with the help of a walker and a cane, making it impossible for her to chase down the man who took her purse. Though she tried for a few steps, she knew she wasn’t going to get anywhere.

That was when she started to yell. Michael began to run after the purse snatcher, who was attempting to run towards a different car when Michael caught up with him.

“He’s running, and I just grab the arm with the purse and jerked it loose,” Michael recalled. “And when I did, it flew him this way and slammed into his car.”

While Michael was able to retrieve the stolen purse, the thief did get away. But not all was lost.

Peggy is a regular at the Walmart Neighborhood Market she stopped at, but she never expected something like this to happen to her. The Farmers Branch Police explained that the man who attempted to steal her purse was caught on the surveillance camera.

Peggy sure was thankful that Michael helped her and said “I was so relieved. I just bent over a car, crying and shaking.”

“I just can’t thank him enough for helping me because I don’t know what I would have done because I fell to pieces after it was all over with,” she remarked. We need more people in this world like Michael!

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Source: liftable.com