8-Year-Old Runs to Mom in Tears, Says Teacher Gave Her Sick Order in Front of Class

8-Year-Old Runs to Mom in Tears Says Teacher Gave Her Sick Order in Front of Class

For many years, America’s public schools have become increasingly intolerant of Christianity. Teachers have been squashing Christianity while at the same time trying to push Islam on America’s children.

According to WKYC in Cleveland, a third-grader in Lancaster, Ohio, is claiming that her substitute teacher forced her to put away her Bible during free reading time because the teacher didn’t approve of it.

The third-grader claims that she took out the Bible, but the substitute ordered her to put it away and take out another book.

“She said, ‘Mommy, the teacher made me put my Bible away.’ And I said, ‘What do you mean she made you put your Bible away?’” explained Audra Palmer, the girl’s mother.

“The teacher come through and she was inspecting everybody’s books, and she said to put your book away and get out a different book,” Palmer stated.

The school, however, has a different version of events. According to the school, the child was reading her Bible while the substitute teacher was reading to the class.

“The student was asked to put her book away while the lesson was going on,” read a statement from the school. “The book happened to be the Bible. The substitute had no problem with the young lady reading the Bible earlier in the day during free reading time.”

It is unclear who is telling the truth in this situation. It is possible the third-grader changed the details of what happened in order to not get in trouble at home (children have been known to do that), but is equally possible that the school is lying to protect itself.

Unfortunately, the only eye witnesses to this interaction are probably other third-graders, who aren’t exactly the best witnesses. We may never know what actually happened.

However we shouldn’t be surprised if the teacher did force the student to put away the Bible during free reading time. This sort of stuff has been happening in America for years.

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