8-Year-Old Boy Overdoses on Heroin

8-Year-Old Boy Overdoses on Heroin

An Ohio couple has been jailed on felony charges after authorities discovered what landed their 8-year-old boy in the hospital — on the verge of death.

According to news reports, the boy’s father, Charles Dowdy, 31, of Berea, told police that he and the boy’s mother, Danielle Simko, also 31, were in bed with the child on Jan. 11 when Dowdy woke up about 10:30 p.m. and noticed the boy’s lips were blue and he didn’t appear to be breathing.

He called 911 and tried to resuscitate the boy.

The Berea Police Department was dispatched to the scene, where one officer found a pulse. Moments later an ambulance arrived and transported the child to Southwest General Medical Center.

Hospital employees soon discovered the horrible truth about what happened. The boy had a baggie of heroin and prescription pills inside his sock, Cleveland.com reported.

Police said the boy had overdosed on heroin, though it wasn’t clear how he had ingested the drug. Thankfully, he did not die. According to WJW in Cleveland, police said the boy was doing well and was staying with relatives.

According to Cleveland.com, Dowdy admitted to police that he had used drugs in the house earlier in the day.

Police arrested Dowdy and Simko at the hospital and both have been charged with drug possession and endangering children.

In the initial 911 call, Dowdy told dispatchers the boy was 7, but police reports later indicated he was actually 8, according to The Washington Post. He was the youngest overdose victim the Berea Police Department has ever handled.

According to Cleveland.com, the Cuyahoga County medical examiner reported there were at least 517 deaths in the county related to heroin and other opiates in 2016. In January of this year, there have been 46 similar deaths in the county.

This is such a tragic story. It emphasizes the serious problem this country has with drugs.

The boy’s parents should have never have done drugs in the first place, much less brought them into their home where a child could find them. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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