The 8 Worst Examples Of Fake News From The Media


This week, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slithered out of hiding to utter some of the most hypocritical comments ever when she decried the spread of so-called “fake news,” Fox News reported.

Mind you, this was from a woman who lied about classified emails on a private email server, having landed under sniper fire in Bosnia, a “vast right wing conspiracy” making up stories about her husband’s sick actions, etc., etc.

In response, Townhall compiled a list titled “The 7 Worst Examples of Fake News from the Mainstream Media.”

Take a look at the rundown below and note that these are just some of the worst — the mainstream media has spread quite a bit of fake news over the years. We’ve included an eighth example from Clinton’s campaign and cronies as a bonus.

1. Newsweek’s story about flushing the Koran

Last year, Newsweek ran a poorly sourced fake news story that interrogators at Guantanamo Bay had desecrated the Koran — a story that created an uproar in the Muslim world and led Newsweek to backtrack and admit that its sourcing was suspect, National Review reported.

No matter, the damage was done.

2. Rathergate

Dan Rather and CBS took extremely dubious documents during the 2004 presidential election campaign that attempted to smear former President George W. Bush’s National Guard service.

Employees were fired in response, and while Bush still won the election, the story lives on today thanks to the mainstream media’s fake news.

3. NBC and CNN lied about George Zimmerman audio

After George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin, the media worked overtime to try to paint Zimmerman as a racist who shot Martin because of he was black. NBC edited audio in a way that fit that narrative — yet when the full audio came out, their actions were outed.

CNN had two experts on — one who alleged that Zimmerman had made a racial comment about Martin and one who did not. The second believed that  Zimmerman had said something about the cold (and it was in fact cold in Florida that day), but CNN went ahead with the narrative that fit its agenda.

4. “Dateline NBC’s phony GM exposé

NBC tried to make it seem as if some old GM trucks had gas tanks that could catch fire should they be involved in a sideways collision.

Yeah, not so fast. GM extensively investigated and debunked the accusations.

Former NBC News President Reuven Frank said, “This is the worst black eye NBC News has suffered in my experience, which goes back to 1950.”

He hadn’t met Brian Williams yet, obviously.

5. The New York Times’ Jayson Blair Fiasco

Remember Jayson Blair? Yeah, he’s the guy who The New York Times hired because of his race — he’s black — who had no professional journalistic experience and went on to plagiarize, lie and make up facts for his fawned-over stories at the liberal rag.

He was eventually fired, but not before a great deal of “fake news” was disseminated by the reporter who The Times promoted and assigned big stories to, despite huge warning signs.

6. The Rolling Stone rape story

Rolling Stone magazine ran a story based on a claim from a University of Virginia student that she had been raped at a fraternity party. The article attacked university administrators, with special attention to the associate dean, with claims that they didn’t do what they should have.

Ironically, it was found that Rolling Stone didn’t do what they should have when they published a flimsy story that ended up being proven false — and now the magazine will likely have to pay up big for their fake news.

7. Hands Up Don’t Shoot

The liberal mainstream media has worked overtime to smear police officers in this nation, and the 2014 fatal officer-involved shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, was disgustingly used by the media to perpetuate their false narrative.

The media ran with the story that Brown had had his hands in the air before Officer Darren Wilson shot Brown, which was proven false in no less than three autopsies, one of which was paid for by the Brown family.

The fake news peddled by the media led to the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, and there are people who still use the “hands up don’t shoot” farce to support their incorrect arguments about “systemic racism” in the country.

8. WikiLeaks

Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta, had his email account hacked, and the contents were published by WikiLeaks. In response, the Clinton campaign and itscronies spread fake news that the emails were not authentic and passed that news off as if it were fact, The Intercept reported.

It wasn’t, but that’s how they framed it in an attempt to discredit the information revealed therein.

So there you have it. Of course, there are others — the Duke lacrosse fake rape story, The Washington Post’s poorly fact-checked claim that Russia was behind much of the “fake news” being published during the election cycle (oh, the irony), and probably just about anything uttered by Brian Williams on camera, just to name a few.

The mainstream media has disseminated incredibly damaging fake news as they slam their opponents for doing just that — often with the same flimsy evidence that has gotten them into trouble before.

The mainstream media has made fools of themselves over the years as egregious purveyors of fake news, yet instead of cleaning up their houses, they project their dirt onto their opponents.

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