73 Percent of Americans Want Trump To Succeed As President


A bombshell poll published Thursday revealed that a 73 percent majority of Americans wanted President-elect Donald Trump to succeed at his job.

Even more shocking was that the support ran high even among Democrats, a 57 percent majority of whom were hoping for the best, as noted by Rasmussen Reports.

This meant that despite all the loud kvetching by deranged far-left liberals, most Democrats were actually pretty sane and did “not wish ill for Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s presidency,” as Yahoo News put it.

This is good to know.

Granted, among Republicans and unaffiliated voters, the support ratings rocketed to 91 and 73 percent, respectively, meaning that non-liberals obviously favored Trump’s administration more than liberals did — no surprise there.

The poll suffered an effective about-face, however, when it then asked, “Is Trump’s presidency more likely to be a success or more likely to be a failure?”

Only a 39 percent minority of Americans — including both Democrats and Republicans — felt that Trump’s presidency would be successful. To be fair, an even smaller 30 percent minority were confident it would be a failure instead.

Overall, these numbers were not bad, as they indicated that the nation was finally beginning to coalesce around the incoming president.

Moreover, according to a Gallup poll conducted last month, 60, 59, 55 and 53 percent majorities of the American people, respectively, believed Trump would “work effectively with Congress to get things done,” “handle the economy effectively,” “defend U.S. interests abroad as president” and “manage the executive branch effectively.”

Those numbers were not bad at all for a guy whom the liberal media tried to paint as an injudicious buffoon who would plunge America into total doom and therefore needed to be resisted at every turn.

Sorry to break the hearts of the media’s many hacks, but clearly the American people disagree.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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