66 Percent of Americans Think Transgenders Should Go to the Bathroom of Their Biological Make-Up

66 Percent of Americans Think Transgenders Should Go to the Bathroom of Their Biological Make-Up

If Democrats want to make transgender bathroom rights an issue to hit the Trump administration with, the Trump administration may just be fine with that.

A Crux/Marist survey released last week found that an overwhelming number of Americans believed that individuals should use the bathroom that corresponds to their biological gender, TheBlaze reported.

The survey — conducted between Dec. 12 and 13 among 545 random individuals — showed that 66 percent of respondents believe that those “transitioning to become the opposite sex” should not be allowed to use locker rooms or shower facilities of the opposite sex, compared to only 27 percent who believed they should.

When it came to public bathrooms, 56 percent said they believed those transitioning should not be able to use facilities belonging to the opposite sex, compared to just 38 percent who felt they should.

It’s worth pointing out that while it was just released last week, the survey was actually taken before Trump took office and before his administration rescinded an Obama-era Department of Justice and Department of Education directive that said federal law required schools to open locker room and rest rooms to individuals based on their preferred gender.

However, it showed an overwhelming consensus among the American people on transgender issues — and not just when it comes to bathrooms and showers.

Respondents also said they believed employers who religiously object “should be protected by freedom of religion to opt out of covering medical procedures that physically change a person’s sex” by a margin of 62 percent to 32 percent.

They also said that doctors and other health care providers who religiously object and “do not wish to be involved with medical procedures that would change someone’s sex should be protected by freedom of religion to opt out.” That question yielded an even more overwhelming majority, 80 percent to 18 percent.

According to the poll, the results were “statistically significant within 4.2 percentage points,” although the margin for most of the questions were far beyond that. So, one wonders just how much of an issue that the Democrats are going to make of this.

Then again, they’ve already proved they’re willing to commit political suicide. What’s one more issue to prove just how out of touch they are with the American people?

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Source: conservativetribune.com