6,000 Muslims Cross Southern Border, All Caught With 1 Alarming Item


We all know border security has been a pressing issue for awhile now, but recently released reports showed that the situation may be worse than we thought.

Over the past year, bored patrol agents have repeatedly arrested thousands of people from the Middle East trying to sneak into the United States via our wide-open southern border.

But even more alarming than the number of these aliens from countries where radical Islam is prevalent was what they were all carrying with them — fake identification papers.

Agents have reportedly detained 6,342 “Special Interest Aliens,” with a large portion of that number coming from the Middle East, according to Reuters.

One thing they all had in common was their possession of forged papers with fake names and other information, suggesting that they don’t want authorities to know who they were or where they’re from.

Experts in security and border policy have determined that these aliens have been making their way through Mexico to the United States border by way of Tapachula — an area near Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala.

“(T)he Tapachula area is along a permeable border,” explained Adam Isacson, an analyst at The Washington Office in Latin America. “(The Department of Homeland Security) views it as one of the areas where a terrorist group that wants to do harm on U.S. soil would be most likely to come in.”

We are, of course, not saying that all Muslims who enter or attempt to enter the U.S. — legally or otherwise — have radical Islamic beliefs or an inclination toward terrorism.

However, the chance that even a few out of thousands of Muslims from that part of the world do have connections to radical Islam is very high. And, as we have seen before, it only takes one or two such monsters to wreak havoc on Americans.

The fact that they possess forged identification papers makes it even more concerning that perhaps some of them haven’t been caught and are living among us, waiting for the right time to execute their plans.

Unfortunately, our president has chosen to ignore the problems at our border, and at times, has even exacerbated the problem with his progressive, bleeding-heart policies that encourage illegal immigration into our country.

We must elect someone in November who will protect our border, and ultimately our country, by strengthening border security and sending a message that the United States will not tolerate the circumventing of our immigration system.

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