“60 Minutes” Special Details Links Between FBI and Texas Terror Attack

60 Minutes Special Details Links Between FBI and Texas Terror Attack

A “60 Minutes” report on the Islamic State group-related attack on a “Draw Muhammad” contest in Garland, Texas, revealed that FBI agents had trailed attackers Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi and had taken photographs of them — and the people they would attack — seconds before they did it.

The piece, which aired Sunday, revealed that the FBI had trailed Simpson and Soofi but weren’t able to stop the attack because of “complexities.”

The Garland incident was the first terror attack in the United States linked to the Islamic State group.

The segment focused partially on the trial of Abdul Malik Abdul-Kareem, a 43-year-old Philadelphia man who was sentenced to 30 years in prison because of his role in funding the attack, according to “60 Minutes.”

After the trial, Abdul-Kareem attorney Dan Maynard said, he “found out that they had had an undercover agent who had been texting with Simpson, less than three weeks before the attack, to him ‘Tear up Texas.’ Which to me was an encouragement to Simpson.”

That special agent was posing as an Islamic radical and communicating with Simpson and Soofi. According to “60 Minutes,” he trailed the two to the “Draw Muhammad” contest in Garland the day they planned to shoot it up. Thankfully, they were stopped by an intrepid police officer guarding the exhibit.

Seamus Hughes, who worked with the National Counter Terrorism Center, offered this explanation into the “complexities” of the matter.

“There’s a lot of guys who talk about how great ISIS is. It’s very hard to tell when someone crosses that line,” Hughes said, in response to a question from Anderson Cooper about computer users who talk big online but can’t back it up in real life.

“And in most of the cases, you see the FBI has some touchpoint with those individuals beforehand. There had been an assessment, a preliminary investigation or a full investigation. It’s just very hard to know when somebody decides to jump.”

I’m not an intelligence expert or anything. However, here’s a tip that even I can offer to the FBI: If you’re trailing two men who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group and who are driving to a high-profile “Draw Muhammad” contest with two high-profile organizers (Geert Wilders and Pamela Geller), you can safely assume at that point that (to Bowdlerize the expression) stuff is about to go down.

And go down it did. CBS reports that the “undercover FBI agent was in a car directly behind Simpson and Soofi when they started shooting” and got “cell phone photo of school security guard Bruce Joiner and police officer Greg Stevens (that) was taken by the undercover agent seconds before the attack.”

Check out the report here, in two parts:

Hughes’ attitude was that all’s well that ends well: “Lucky for the FBI and for the participants in the event you know, here in Texas, you know, everyone’s a good shot there.”

I could probably think of a better response than just leaving that out there for summary judgment, but I’m too busy trying to extricate my jaw from the floor.

“I can’t tell you whether the FBI knew the attack was gonna occur. I don’t like to think that they let it occur. But it is shocking to me that an undercover agent sees fellas jumping out of a car and he drives on,” Maynard said.

“He didn’t try to stop ‘em. Or he didn’t do something. I mean, he’s an agent, for gosh sakes.”

CBS reported it all this way: “The FBI’s actions around this foiled attack offer a rare glimpse into the complexities faced by those fighting homegrown extremism.”

I’ll have to Bowdlerize myself again here, by crossing out “complexities” and replacing it with “dumpster fire.”

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