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Flashback from C.E. Dyer: notorious race-baiter Al Sharpton is doing what he does best — lying and making money. This time, thanks to a suit filed in a Manhattan federal court on Friday, he may not get away with it.

The New York Post reported that last year, trucker Reggie Anders Sr. solicited Sharpton’s help on a 2009 discrimination dispute against Verizon Wireless at the recommendation of his minister, Rev. David Wade of Phoenix.

Anders accused Verizon, a trucking client of his, of discrimination and breach of contract in a federal suit that was later dismissed in 2014.

Wade knew Franklyn Richards, the chairman of Sharpton’s National Action Network, who he reached out to in order to set up a meeting.  Anders and Wade then flew out to Harlem, the location of  NAN headquarters, and spoke with Sharpton, who assured that he would help Anders with his case.

“I thought he was an honest guy. I thought he would do what he said he would do,” Anders said of Sharpton.

I take it Anders hasn’t paid much attention to the news for the past, oh, say twenty years. Tawana Brawley probably isn’t a name he’s well acquainted with …

For the low, low cost of $16,000, Sharpton promised to “set up mediation meetings,” “put the matter to the media,” and blast Verizon on his national radio program.

I wonder if that includes shipping and handling?

Anyway, here’s where the conflict of interest comes in: Sharpton and NAN had received thousands of dollars in “protection” money from Verizon and other large corporations, according to an August 2015 New York Post expose. It reports that companies that refused to donate to Sharpton and NAN were threatened with bad press or boycotts promoted by NAN.

You don’t say.

“I had no idea that he was in bed with Verizon,” Anders told The Post. When Anders had the audacity to ask about the case — what his $16,000 bought him — Sharpton wasn’t having it. Anders said Sharpton brushed off the Post article by  claiming that “the media writes stuff about him all the time.”

Anders then adds that Sharpton strung them along for a year and a half. So much for caring about the plight of a fellow black man.

Anders is seeking a whopping $1.75 million in damages from Sharpton and Verizon, claiming that they “conspired” against him.

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam is white, Anders is black, and it looks like Sharpton took the side of what really matters to and motivates him — green.

Conveniently, Sharpton has no idea who Anders is. When the Post asked him about Anders he said, “Who? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Anders may not have known Sharpton’s M.O. before but he does now. He told the Post: “He’s a crook, he’s a fraud, and that’s all he is.”

Sounds like he’s got him figured out pretty well.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org