3-Year-Old Cancer Patient Allowed To Be A Cop For A Day From Chicago Police Department


If 2016 was hard for anyone, it was hard for 3-year-old David Juarez, who has battled, and is now recovering from, cancer.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation decided to partner with Chicago’s Police Department to take Juarez’s mind off of things for a while and make his dream come true: Juarez was made a law enforcement officer for a day, WGN reported.

After Juarez was sworn in, according to WGN, he got to see the police motorcycles, take a ride on a police boat, see the police horses and canines, and take the bomb-defusing robot for a spin!

They even set up a crime involving animals for him to stop — his inspiration to become a cop came from the movie “Zootopia,” in which animals solve crimes.

David’s family was elated.

“The way they put this together today and the excitement they all had too in doing this for him was pretty amazing,” said his grandmother, Anna Falcon, according to WGN.

Police were happy to make Juarez’s day — according to Lt. Robert Stasch, it reminded officers of their own families.

“I’m in the same spot he was — from the day that I was born all I wanted to do was be a policeman,” he said. “And these officers, they’re fathers and mothers and parents too, and to see someone as enthusiastic as David means the world to them.”

Despite having had a rough year, Juarez is a fighter, and his Neuroblastoma is in full retreat. He is now recovering.

“It’s been an uphill battle, but he’s on the other side of the hill now — he’s on his way down now,” said David’s grandfather Mario Juarez.

This has been an exceptionally difficult year for lots of people, but stories like this make things a little better.

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