180 Construction Firms are Already Bidding to Build the Wall

180 Construction Firms are Already Bidding to Build the Wall

President Donald Trump has been moving quickly to follow through on his campaign promises and show the American people his seriousness about keeping them safe.

One of Trump’s most popular campaign promises was his vow to build a “beautiful” wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to prevent illegal border crossings. Now, it appears the process for bidding on the wall is moving quickly, according to CityLab.

Already, 180 companies have expressed interest in the job, CityLab reported. Liberals are undoubtedly doing to howl with anger over this, because it removed one of their last hopes that Trump’s wall won’t be built.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued its call to build the wall on Feb. 24, and almost 200 companies have expressed interest in the work in less than a week? Now that’s “yuge!”

Interestingly enough, 15 of those firms were Hispanic-owned. There goes another liberal talking point out the window.

This wall will undoubtedly be a massive source of revenue for these companies, as it is slated to cost somewhere north of $20 billion — though Trump insists he can negotiate a better price.

Trump has indicated that he wants the wall built by 2020 (already thinking about re-election), and with so many companies expressing interest in the project, it is possible that that deadline could be reached.

Having so much competition will also help bring the price down. That’s economics 101 — the more competition in a marketplace, the lower the price will go.

Trump built a career as a successful businessman and he knows how companies work as well or better than anyone who’s held the Oval Office. Hopefully, he will be able to not only follow through on his campaign promises, but be able to lower the price of the wall, too, for the sake of the American taxpayer.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

H/T The Daily Caller