135 Police Officers Killed In The Line Of Duty


Here’s a number you just have to think about for a minute: 135 police officers died in the line of duty in the United States this year.

Go ahead, take a moment.

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, that figure was the highest in five years and a 10 percent increase over 2015, Fox News reported.

To break it down, 64 officers were shot and killed, 53 died in traffic-related incidents (hit by another car), and 18 were from other causes (electrocution, fires, falls and a few heart attacks).

These aren’t statistics, simple numbers on a page. These are sons, daughters, mothers and fathers who left a gaping hole of grief in their families and communities. Most of these untimely deaths were completely preventable.

The decade’s highest total came in 2011 with 177 fatalities, including 73 officers shot dead.

Some 900,000 police officers leave home every day to keep us safe, according to Time. Every time one of them doesn’t return home at the end of a shift, it’s a tragedy.

Police officers who dedicate their lives to serving and protecting the public should expect the consideration and respect from their president, but President Barack Obama has given only lip service to officer safety and bowed at the altar of Black Lives Matter. That movement has risen to national prominence on the backs of officer-related civilian deaths of black Americans.

Black Lives Matter has been careful and consistent in distancing itself from the rising racial tensions that have contributed to the ambush-style killings of so many peace officers, but the father of slain Dallas police officer Patrick Zamarripa is suing BLM and other defendants, claiming their anti-police rhetoric incited the violence that killed his son, reported Dallas News.

BLM and other groups have convinced their supporters “that there is a civil war between blacks and law enforcement, thereby calling for immediate violence and severe bodily injury or death,” the lawsuit said.

Why isn’t our President more worried about our officers than he is about criminals?

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Source: conservativetribune.com